Beginning in 1995, after acquiring my Computer Information Systems certificate, I began offering my service to home and business customers. Along the way, I have added to my skills benefitting those customers and employers. Those employers of note are the Washington Education Association as a support tech, Deltapoint Corporation as a Network Administrator and Restaurants Unlimited as a Systems analyst. I count several Microsoft certifications which are MCSE (Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer), MCSA (Microsoft Certified Systems Administrator) and MCP (Microsoft Certified Professional).

Support and servicing of technology is not my first passion or career choice. My first trip through college was to study music education and Performance at Southern Oregon State College. Although I did not pursue a path teaching in schools, I did teach private lessons for the saxophone - I’ve performed on Soprano, Alto, Tenor and Baritone saxophones as well as Flute, Clarinet, Guitar and Percussion – and was a professional performer across the West Coast in a variety of settings ranging from small groups to large orchestras and covering a variety of musical styles including Baroque, Classical, Rock, Country and Jazz (my personal favorite).

My ability to adapt to new settings, convey in understandable terms the meaning of  what technology is doing or can do and provide measurable value to my clients are of particular importance to me. I see my clients as my friends  and we all want to treat our friends in a fair manner.

•Serving my home and business clients since 1995

•Computer Information Services Certificate

•Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer

•Microsoft Certified Systems Administrator

•Microsoft Certified Professional

•Studied music education and performance at Southern Oregon State College

  1. Network Administrator for Deltapoint Efficiency Consultants

  2. Systems Analyst for Restaurants Unlimited

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